The Background 

ASAP PLZ︎︎︎is a free game about working in marketing. Made in partnership with tech co-op Good Praxis, it’s a celebration of the good, the bad and the weird in the industry. 

It is first and foremost a collaboration between two like-minded creative studios. Faced with months of social isolation, we decided to spend some of that extra time on a passion project: a Wario Ware-inspired SEGA Mega Drive game. We even created working cartridges to go with it - but since most people probably don’t have 1989’s hottest console at hand, it’s also fully playable in a browser.

The Activation

We wanted to create something authentic. We made sure it’s as well-designed as a SEGA game would’ve been, and that it runs as smoothly. From art design to custom sound, from copywriting to coding, working on ASAP PLZ filled our quarantine evenings for almost two months.

ASAP PLZ was launched to a great reception online and secured multiple pieces of coverage within days, resulting in thousands of website views. ASAP PLZ was featured in Little Black Book and The Drum, various gaming blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos.

ASAP PLZ has also won multiple design and web design awards, including Best UI Design, Best UX Design and Best Innovation from CSS Design Awards and Special Kudos from Awwwards. It has also scored multiple nominations and Website of the Day awards.

Chief Coding Officer: Maciej Baron
President of Art and Design (Worldwide): Chris Droom
Senior Creative Director: MJ Widomska
Executive Vice President of Pixel Art: John Bond
Director of Music Operations, Music Creation and Music Development: Maciej Baron
Deputy General Manager of Copywriting: Ella Hagi

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