Any Game. Anywhere for ASUS ROG ︎

The Background

To showcase the versatility of the ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop series, we created an integrated campaign revolving around video ads, content creator collaborations and an interactive landing page

With the ultraportable ROG Zephyrus, you can truly play Any Game, Anywhere. So... where would you play? 
The Activation

We started by preparing three ad scenarios:
– Playing Skyrim on the top of a mountain 🗻
– Need for Speed in a cab 🏎
– ...and The Sims 4 at a party 🎊

Our team produced a variety of videos, implementing LED technology and virtual sets (similar to the way in which The Mandalorian is shot). In total, we delivered 21 videos in different lengths and formats in just four weeks, from concept to final product.

The videos led to an interactive landing page, featuring a personality quiz that matches you with your perfect ROG Zephyrus laptop. Available here!︎︎︎

That’s not all: we partnered up with some of our favourite content creators in the UK to show us where they’d take their ROG Zephyrus.
Sunpi︎︎︎ bravely took her laptop with her on overnight camping – playing a horror game!
Daz Black︎︎︎ played a fishing simulator on a fishing boat,
JammiDodger︎︎︎ quite literally took to the skies with Microsoft Flight Simulator,
Eso︎︎︎ took his ROG Zephyrus for a hike,
Mumbo Jumbo︎︎︎ went for a quick race in Forza Horizon... while in a passanger’s seat of a racing car.

With over 4 million views and 19 million impressions on social, Any Game Anywhere was a resounding success. The campaign won Best Integrated Campaign at UK Social Media Awards 2022. 

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