Choose Refurbished
for giffgaff

We were asked to help raise awareness of the wide range of refurbished phones available to buy on giffgaff’s website for their upcoming campaign. The project had a very tight turnaround — in just three weeks, we went from being briefed to delivering 23 video assets to be used across social media.

We wanted to make sure we reached as many people as possible with a relevant message, showcasing the benefits of choosing refurbished. To gain further organic reach, we collaborated with rapper Manga Saint Hilare who’d previously featured in giffgaff refurbished content — helping build brand consistency and trust. To visually show the refurbishment process, we followed two handsets going through it at one of the warehouses the phones are shipped from.

Our aim was to create fun, engaging and informative content. As we wanted to make sure the videos appeal to iOS and Android users, we shot all the content twice — once with an iPhone, and once with a Samsung.

Even with the time constraints, we delivered 23 assets in three different formats: 9:16, 16:9 and 1:1.