Our code of ethics

YRS TRULY was born out of a belief that gaming is for everyone — and we want to champion a better, fairer, more egalitarian society for all.

 We’re a certified B Corp™️, officially verified as an organisation committed to reaching the highest levels of social and environmental responsibility.

Here’s how we’re planning to do our bit:

Diversity and inclusion

We want to see opportunities being given to those who have felt excluded from gaming. This is at the core of who we are — previously overlooked ourselves, now making space for others like us. In practice, this means doing our best to provide opportunities for content creators and contractors of marginalised backgrounds. We see them as a natural part of the larger gaming community. 

Fair and transparent pay

— We pay our employees and contractors fairly and on time. 
—  No full-time employee past their probation earns less than £30,000.
—  Financial stability and the long-term safety of employees are our priority.
—  We’re transparent with our donations, making them public as they happen. List of recent donations at the end of this page.
—  We publish salaries regularly : 2023, 2022, 2021

 Advice and services at a discounted rate

We provide our services at a discounted rate to charities, non-profits and small businesses fully owned by members of underrepresented groups. Where possible, dependent on schedule, we’re also happy to offer mentorship or advice to game developers, publishers and content creators of underrepresented groups. 

 Supporting small businesses

Where possible, we give preference to suppliers with ownership from underrepresented populations. We also do our best to support small retailers and producers where we can. 

 Not making the world a worse place

As most of our business takes place online, it’s hard to measure our environmental impact. We can, however, take steps to ensure that we remain as sustainable as possible:
 — When possible, we use public transport instead of cars. We also use train connections, including internationally, instead of flying. 
— We are a vegetarian/vegan business — our team lunches and catering at our events and shoots will always be vegetarian/vegan. When looking for catering, we will also give priority to local vegetarian and vegan suppliers. 
 — We have a list of environmentally-preferred suppliers for shipping, our HQ and home offices, and we buy locally where we can. 
 — We participate in our council’s recycling programme.
 — Our merch, t-shirts and business cards are all sustainably printed. We don’t create items meant to be thrown away — everything can be reused or recycled. 

We’re always looking to improve how we conduct our business and are open to suggestions from employees, contractors and clients. 

Our recent donations are available here.
Our B Corp score is available here.

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