The Astrology Lands
for Magic: The Gathering ︎

The Background

Magic: The Gathering’s Secret Lair drops usually aren’t up for long – blink and you’ll miss it. But, there’s one exception to this rule: The Astrology Lands, with zodiac-themed cards dropping every month.

So, for this 12-month-long Secret Lair, we wanted to do something that’s truly evergreen (while remaining firmly on theme!) ✨

The Activation

We decided to approach the activation with interactive content: a web-based birthday card maker and an AR filter. Both offer longevity on social media, which is what we were after.

Here’s how we’ve done it ︎︎︎

The Card

Missing the heyday of birthday e-cards? Wishing you could send a customisable birthday message to your friends (or foes!)? We got you – all you need to do is visit︎︎︎ to create your very own shareable card.

The Filter 

If you’d like to find out what lies ahead in life (who wouldn’t) and, most importantly, what will happen in your next Magic: The Gathering game, this Instagram filter︎︎︎ should do the trick. Simply tap – and life’s mysteries will be unveiled.

With thanks to Eight Arms, who designed and developed the card maker, and Kalank who created the AR filter.

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