Zendikar Treasure Chest for Magic: The Gathering

We worked with Magic: The Gathering to increase awareness around the release of Zendikar Rising, an expansion pack set in the volatile plane of Zendikar. It's a place of adventure, treasure and danger, and so only the bravest explorers and adventurers come seeking the plane’s vast treasures.

So, what better way to celebrate than with a treasure chest?

We designed and produced over 20 completely bespoke treasure chests to send to creators within the extended gaming community. There’s a twist, however – the chest comes with a keyhole, but no key. The only clue is a parchment with a riddle in poem form. Once the chest is open, more puzzles await inside, until creators finally reach the secret chamber filled with Zendikar treasure.

We asked YouTubers and Twitch streamers to film themselves while trying to figure out how to open the chest. The campaign has been localized to Italy, Germany, Spain and France as well, making sure that creators who don’t speak English as their first language feel comfortable participating.

Zendikar Treasure Chests:  
 – Creator campaign
 – Bespoke treasure chests with puzzle mechanics
 – Sent to content creators and press