Blasphemous 2 for Team17

The Background

Blasphemous 2 marks a return to the cruel and unforgiving world of Cvstodia. As the Penitent One, you’re given a mission of great importance – and thrust into the unending cycle of life and death. Only one thing is certain: penance never ends. 

To celebrate the launch of the game, Team17 asked us to create a sendout box that befits the moody, Gothic atmosphere of Blasphemous 2. To ensure content creators get to immerse themselves in Cvstodia, we produced fully bespoke sendouts customised to each recipient.

The Activation

We wanted to ensure we do justice to both the fantastic art direction of the game and its deep, dark themes. To do so, each box was designed to function as a mini-shrine – stood up, with open swing doors and contents displayed inside. The box was fully custom and printed with a bespoke design created by pixel artist João Victor G. Costa.

Inside, creators found a limited edition statue of the Penitent One, a pixel art frame from the game set in a shadowbox and printed in layers for a 3D effect, customised “Saint” candles and cards with pixel art portraits of creators. Additionally, creators received a wooden wine goblet with their name etched into it, a wax-sealed scroll, bracelets, acrylic prints, dried flowers and fittingly gloomy sweets.

In the words of Team17 Influencer Relations Manager Erika Beukes

I had SO much fun designing these with the YRS TRULY team and I'm so happy with how they came out. All the influencers are over the moon with them so I'm one happy Influencer Manager today!


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