for giffgaff

We love gaming and are keenly interested in the data behind it. This puts us in a good spot to work on developing strategies and creating content for gaming audiences in a way that feels natural and native to the platforms they live on.

We chose to focus on YouTube and Twitch, delivering successful videos and live streams geared towards an inclusive gaming audience.

Starting with Rappers Playing Dungeons & Dragons produced in partnership with Wizards of the Coast, we’ve delivered 8 videos and 6 live streams throughout the course of the campaign. We supported giffgaff as they explored an uncharted territory: Twitch.

To maximise organic reach for videos and live streams, we relied on partnerships with the likes of SEGA, Hasbro, Big Potato Games, Team17, National Videogame Museum and more.

Live stream production

We wanted to connect with the gaming audience through a platform they love: Twitch. #giffgaffgaming live started with a series of four streams resulting from a collaboration between giffgaff and Dungeons & Dragons. We also partnered up with SEGA to test out the new Sega Mega Drive Mini before release and streamed a Halloween special featuring streamers trying out multiple horror games. 

Going live gives the perfect opportunity to interact with your audience in real-time and give them unprecedented input into your content. Twitch and Mixer both allow viewers to vote on what you should do next; a feature that turns your live streams fully interactive. Our founder MJ gave an interview on Twitch for The Independent – read more here.