New Capenna Mystery for Magic: The Gathering

The Background

Streets of New Capenna took Magic: The Gathering to a never-before-explored setting for the game, with art deco-inspired cards and influences pulled from classic mob films and crime fiction. 

We decided to lean into the whodunnit genre in order to create a mystery to bring New Capenna to life – and in front of brand-new audiences.

The Activation

A mysterious art heist took place in New Capenna, and its five crime families were at each other’s throats. With the plane’s delicate power balance in danger, we called upon Wolfabelle, RoyalPhunk, DamDamLive, Knekro, Kurolily and Kodomo to investigate.

They each received an evidence box with six letters and 13 puzzles from the five families and a fictional mayor, as well as a mysterious transcript and a hidden confession letter to conclude the mystery.

Though few of the puzzles were tactile, we created an online hub to ensure streamers could easily involve their communities.

The mystery went down a treat. It was challenging yet fun for the creators, and audiences were genuinely engaged in learning about New Capenna’s lore. As a result, the campaign earned over 1,200,000 views and 1,400,000 additional impressions on social media.

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