OlliOlli World for Private Division

The Background

To celebrate the much anticipated launch of OlliOlli World, a skateboarding action-platformer from Roll7, we teamed up with publisher Privation Division to spread the word with a TikTok campaign that put creativity first.

OlliOlli World is set in the colourful, diverse world of Radlandia, where self-expression is the name of the game. So, we worked one-on-one with our creators, inviting them to show off the game their way, whilst still hitting on the key features that make OlliOlli World the next big thing in platforming.

The Activation

We started off by identifying the key pillars we wanted to draw attention to: OlliOlli’s flowing skateboarding mechanics, expressive, varied customisation and gorgeous visuals. We then approached a wide range of Tiktok creators that had audiences interested in one or more of these features.

We love to give TikTok creators a huge degree of creative freedom, letting them do what works best for their audience – while remaining on brief.

Some of the videos we’ve commissioned included:
  • Comedians sharing their takes on the wild world of skateboarding
  • Fashion-minded creators creating outfits based on OlliOlli World’s bright characters and huge character customiser
  • Real-world skilled skateboarders showing off their favourite tricks (safely!)

The campaign achieved an awesome total of over 4,200,000 views. As an added bonus, we also played a part in organising for a spray paint Tiktok artist to create a custom OlliOlli World mural, right at the game’s launch party at a London skatepark!

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