Scavenger Hunt for Dungeons & Dragons

The Background

To celebrate the launch of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space – a brand new sci-fi setting for the world's greatest roleplaying game – we produced an interactive scavenger hunt across five locations in London.

The Activation

We invited two groups of creators and paired them with a trusty Dungeon Master to guide them through the tricky puzzles that lay between them and their final prize.

Each puzzle was presented by a character written and designed to best bring Spelljammer to life.

We collaborated with an experienced escape room writer to devise every challenge along the way, and worked alongside a costume and makeup team to ensure our characters paid tribute to the out-of-this-world setting.

Creators shared their experience across TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch – making sure the setting and its fantastical characters were unmissable across their socials.

The campaign generated over 1,000,000 impressions and over 600,000 views. We also received glowing feedback from attendees, some describing the adventure as “unreal” – (which is exactly what we were going for) 👽

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