Ubisoft UK on social

The Background

We help Ubisoft UK create content fit for their iconic games across Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.

Our role is to help the team find ways to reach new and existing audiences – and create content that Ubisoft fans love

The Activation

We understand how tricky it is for an established publisher with iconic and well-loved games to tread the line between engaging social presence and established brand identity. To make sure we get it right, we collaborate closely with the Ubisoft UK team to devise the social strategy.

We get TikTok – in the first six months of working together, we saw over 2,650,000 organic views with very high average engagement and an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the community .

As of August 2023, we’ve doubled the percentage of viewers that identify as female and more than tripled the TikTok follower count – from 30k to 100k. A year from the start of our partnership, we continue to see great results.

We also work together to create content for Ubisoft UK and Assassin’s Creed UK on Twitter, with our top tweet reaching 3.2 million views

We’re proud to see a distinct shift in the community reaction across all platforms, in addition to an increase in views, impressions and engagement.

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