World’s Okayest Magic Player
for Magic: The Gathering

The Background

To celebrate the release of Strixhaven: School of Mages, we created a Magic: The Gathering championship… for people who don’t play Magic: The Gathering. We asked four content creators to go from novice to champion in just four weeks: Anna Chess, Rose and Rosie, RTGame and AnniTheDuck took on the challenge.

The Activation

Contestants set out to compete for the title of World’s Okayest Magic Player, documenting the process: from learning the basics to, finally, facing their opponents. With a bit of help from pro MTG players and their communities, they battled it out in the semi-finals, with Anna Chess and RTGame advancing to the final.

To make the championship even more exciting, we partnered up with Republic of Gamers to give away their newest ROG Phone 5 to a lucky viewer from the winner’s Twitch chat.

After hours of training on and off-stream, Anna Chess ended up taking the trophy home. She also decided to create a mini-documentary about her journey to becoming the World’s Okayest Magic Player.

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