We help gaming and tech brands reach new audiences through interactive content, digital PR & influencer marketing ︎

We create interactive, memorable and data-driven activations that target a wide audience, bringing in a new crowd without alienating the die-hard fans.

We're an ethical business, born out of a belief that gaming is for everyone – and working to bring the joy of video games to previously under-served groups.  

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We’re fully independent, which allows us to pick projects of all sizes. So, feel free to drop us an email at hello@yrstruly.uk 💌

Meet the team!

MJ (she/her)
Founder & Director

Ella (she/her)
Campaign Director

Summer (she/her)
Creative Project
Lou (she/they)
Creator Campaign Manager

Jack (he/him)
Creative Campaign Manager

Chisom (she/her)
Production Manager

Monika (she/her)
Senior Producer

Siân (she/her)
Junior Campaign Manager

Kam (he/him)
Yuji (he/him)
Marketing Assistant

Gar (he/they)
Marketing Assistant

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YRS TRULY is a member of the Conscious Advertising Network, The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment and a Raise the Game and Clean Creatives Pledge Partner.