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Our code of ethics

YRS TRULY was born out of a belief that gaming is for everyone — and we want to champion a better, fairer, more egalitarian society for all.


We’re looking for a Senior Social Media Manager!

27.07.2023 – Ella Hagi

We’re looking for a strategic and organised social and community manager with 3+ years of marketing experience, ready to progress into a new role. 


Can your gaming business be a force for good? 

13.07.2023 – MJ Widomska

I had the privilege to speak at Develop: Brighton 2023 about doing good business and taking your first steps towards sustainability. Gaming has a massive potential to do good, but we’re far from realising it.


Purpose over profit: YRS TRULY becomes the first B Corp certified gaming agency in the UK

08.03.2023 – MJ Widomska

This has been long in the making, so we’re very eager to share: YRS TRULY is now a B Corp This means we have been independently verified to be an organisation committed to achieving the highest levels of social and environmental responsibility.


Working with brands: a guide for creators

18.03.2022 – Melissa Croft (Guest blog)

So, you’ve been creating content for quite some time and feel ready to start speaking to companies about sponsorships and collaborations. Or, you’ve been approached by them and want to make sure you leave a good impression.
It can be intimidating and daunting at first, especially when you want them to know that you’re serious about working on bigger projects. Let’s break down some best practices to ensure it goes smoothly.


How to work with illustrators? Budgets, briefs, commissions

04.11.2020 – Ella Hagi

We’ve all been there. You’ve been tasked with a new project, and while it looks pretty straightforward as an idea, you don’t have a clue about any of the actual steps needed to reach the goal. Of course, these seemingly obvious things don’t often get their Wiki How articles but that’s exactly where we step in.


Want your brand to be present on TikTok? Here are your options

01.04.2020 – MJ Widomska

If you work in marketing or lead a brand, you’re probably over 25. If you are over 25, there’s a good chance you’re not on TikTok. TikTok is a social media network, not unlike the now-defunct Vine but with more features and better tech. Its core offering lies in short videos created by and fed to its users as one continuous, full-screen video feed.


YRS TRULY founder MJ Widomska on agency purpose

17.12.2019 – MJ Widomska

Running a small agency is not an easy job. We have a set of challenges: introducing ourselves to the world and proving a small studio can deliver the same quality as the big players. We work twice as hard to get through the door and get noticed, and this extends to how hard we work with our clients.


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