Go with the Flow for ASUS ROG

The Background

Republic of Games came to us with a brief, asking us to devise a campaign that shows off their new ROG Flow laptop series.

The series boasts infinite play on one device — whether you’re in the mood for a high-end set-up at home or a casual game on the go, this series allows you to go with the flow.

The Activation

We decided to follow a protagonist through a day of gaming – and thanks to his ROG Flow laptop, he could play whenever inspiration hit.

Our protagonist went through four seemingly mundane scenarios: from waking up in the morning to finishing his day at the football, with a stint in the office and at the dentist thrown in for good measure. The scenarios showcased the versatility of ROG Flow and its four different modes.

We wanted it to feel surreal and have a bit of humour to it – so through set design and extensive use of VFX, we created an almost dreamlike atmosphere that hints at the immersion of gaming. It was finished off with an omnipresent narrator talking us through the day, allowing for plenty of game references.

The landing page was designed with the aim of making it almost an extension of the video creative, while offering something interactive for visitors. What followed was a browser game across four levels, each representing a scene from the ad. The game took us through increasing difficulty levels where players had to adjust the in-game laptop to continue with the flow. View the landing page here.

With thanks to Eight Arms who designed and developed the landing page.

ROG – GO WITH THE FLOW – 50s from YRS TRULY on Vimeo.

ROG – GO WITH THE FLOW – 15s from YRS TRULY on Vimeo.

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