Can your gaming business be a force for good?

MJ Widomska, 13 July 2023

I had the privilege to speak at Develop: Brighton 2023 about doing good business and taking your first steps towards sustainability. Gaming has a massive potential to do good, but we’re far from realising it.

For anyone curious about how to make your operations more sustainable, environmentally friendly and inclusive, I shared our journey to getting a B Corp certification to help identify tangible actions businesses can take that can make a big difference. 

We need to do better not just because we’re all impacted by the climate crisis, but also because the way we do business is changing. It’s no secret that millennials and Gen Zs (who already dominate the market in size and will soon in purchasing power) care about sustainability and make consumer choices that align with their views. Doing good business is good for business.

My talk was featured in GamesIndustry – read more here:

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